Save Money with a 3 pack of the Miracle All Purpose Polishing ClothSince the 1960’s there has been a cleaning product so popular it sells by the bucket load everyday and yet most people don’t even know about it.   The name alone may not jog your memory so if I told you it was the Miracle all purpose polishing cloth you’d possibly scratch your head but one look at the distinctive packaging, that doesn’t seem to have changed since it’s creation in 1967 and you’ll probably smile and say, Oh yeah! I remember that!!

The product inside hasn’t changed either. The Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth cleans, waxes and polishes just about everything you can think of including copper, brass, chrome, gold and silver. You can use it on golf clubs and fishing tackle, watches, bathtubs, musical instruments even those treated with lacquer.

The cloth is impregnated with protective chemicals, lemon oil and waxes and contains nothing harmful to your hands; one cloth will outlast over 2 litres of liquid metal or furniture polish, just think of the savings you’ll make in space, time and money!

Watch how it transforms this heavily tarnished silver pepper pot in under 80 seconds with minimal effort.

The Miracle all purpose polishing Cloth has so many uses including:

  • Polishing and cleaning Sterling Silver, Plated Silverware, Pewter, Gold, Chrome, Nickle, Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Furniture, Enamel, Ceramic Tile
  • Removing scuff marks from floors
  • Removing bad corrosion from metals
  • Removing alcohol, water, ink and heat stains from furniture, etc.
  • Removing surface scratches from furniture, silver and enamel
  • Removing burn marks from electrical appliances, porcelain stoves, etc.
  • Removing paint spots from metal, glass porcelain, tile and varnished surfaces
  • Removing rust stains from bathtubs, wash bowls, etc
  • Removing rust from chrome
  • Removing road film from glass and metal
  • Polishing all metal and wooden instruments, accordions and cymbals
  • Removing rosin stains from violins, violas, etc.
  • Cleans lacquered instruments without harm
  • Polishes and waxes the wood and enamel parts and removes rust and corrosion from the metal of golf clubs, fishing tackle, boats, guns and outboard motors.