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Bicycles Love The Miracle Cloth

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Save Money with a 3 pack of the Miracle All Purpose Polishing ClothThe Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth is quite possibly the finest bicycle cleaning product on earth – Just wipe away road grime, scuffs, rust, gunk and grease build-up on frames, rims, helmets, bike carriers and dérailleurs in seconds.

A quick wipe and a buff with a clean cloth will leave your bicycle with a sparkling finish. The Miracle Cloth is inexpensive and long lasting, just pack one in your bicycle tool kit and you will never notice it’s there…until you need it. The Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth cleans, polishes and protects your bicycle, which in turn protects you. You can cut the cloth into patches of different sizes to be used to get into hard places.

With this one cloth you can remove powder fouling, oil fouling, mud fouling and dust. You will also reduce the need for a lubricant due to it’s protective coating and it can also be used as a wiper on all bike frame materials and helmets.

Silver Shines with a Miracle Cloth

Saturday, 23 May 2009

A Silver Pepper Pot Before treatmentA few weeks ago I was cleaning in the kitchen when I found an old condiment set.  They were not expensive or anything fancy.  They were silver plated but I liked the Art Deco style.  I’m ashamed to say they had tarnished pretty badly what with sitting on top of a cupboard for around 3 or 4 years since they’re last polish.

I decided to give them a once over with a Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth and see if I restore the shine they once had.  I was pretty amazed at the almost instant result.  After a mere 30 seconds the top half of the pepper pot had been transformed from almost black to shiny silver.  It was then just a matter of turning the pepper pot over and repeating the same thing with the Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth and low and behold the transformation was complete.

Why not watch for yourself what the Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth can do.  With the pepper pot the whole process was done in under 90 seconds! Prepare to be amazed at the intense polishing result and the minimal effort that went into getting the result.

Fishermen Love The Miracle Cloth

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Whether you are a regular fisher or only manage to throw a line every now and then, you should always make sure you have a Miracle all purpose polishing Cloth in your tackle box.

With regular use you will notice an amazing improvement on your fishing tackle and rods.  The protective chemicals and waxes in the cloth will get to work on both the wood and the metal components of your fishing equipment by removing rust and corrosion from the metal and polishing and waxing any wood.  this will have the added benefit of slowing down and very often preventing the formation of rust or tarnish.

This is due to the waxes in the cloth penetrating every pore of the article and covering it with a wax coating causing the polished surface to retain its lustre for much longer.

Despite the powerful waxes and cleaning agents in the cloths they contain nothing harmful to the hands and can be used on the most delicate of items.

Remember the Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth is great for:

  • Sterling Silver
  • Plated Silverware
  • Pewter
  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Auto Bodies
  • Bronze
  • Furniture
  • Enamel
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Guns
  • Cutlery
  • Tools
  • Machinery Care
  • Marine Maintenance
  • Tool Maintenance
  • Pots and Pans
  • Appliances
  • Porcelain
  • Bath Fixtures

Brass Door Handles Love The Miracle Cloth

Saturday, 16 May 2009

One of the Internets advantages is also a hindrance.  To really appreciate how good the Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth is you have to see it in action, something that usually involves everyone being there or able to watch it, not always possible.  In the absence of a better means I’ve gone for the straight forward Before and After photo demonstration.

Brass Door Handle BeforeThe brass door handles I have at home have not been polished since the day I moved in, in late 2003.  I will confess to not regularly applying Brasso to my door handles.  The other day however I whizzed over the living room door handle with a Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth and then buffed it with a dusting cloth…Wow! I was quite amazed, I had forgotten how shiny the door handles were and before I could stop myself I was busy polishing the handles in the bedroom and bathroom too before I stopped.  I had a cup of tea and then reached for my camera before returning to the kitchen where I took my Before photograph.

Brass Door Handle AfterUsing just a Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth I rubbed the handle vigorously for around 90 seconds before buffing it with a clean duster for another 60 seconds or so.  As you can see from the After photograph, the difference was quite amazing.  That’s six years of dirt and grime transformed into bright, shiny brass in under 3 minutes without breaking a sweat!

Just take a look at the photographs side by side, in two and a half minutes the Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth removed over six years for of grime from a brass door handle and returned it to its pristine condition.  Just think how some of your brass and copper ware looked when you first bought it, now look at it, is it looking a little tired?  Spend a few minutes with the Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth  and a clean duster and return it to it’s glory days. Just like my door handles!

Brass Door Handles before and after