The reason the Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth has endured since the 1960’s is very simple. It Works!

All over the world people are discovering just how powerful and indispensable the Miracle all purpose polishing Cloth really is.  Gathered here are just a few of the many thank you comments we receive each week. If you have used a Miracle all purpose polishing Cloth and wish to comment on it, there is a form at the bottom of this page.  If your comment is featured on this page you will receive 1 free cloth with your next purchase.

“I have a pair of highly polished brass, maritime instruments and brass name plate mounted on polished hardwood. I needed to keep the brass polished, but wanted to avoid the discolouration and unsightly blemishing that normal brass polishes would leave on the woodwork. I searched everywhere for a solution and finally discovered ‘Miracle Cloth’. My Miracle cloth not only keeps the brasswork pristine, but it also leaves no residual, detrimental effect on the hardwood. A first rate solution at an economic price.”

M.R., Surrey

“The cleaning cloths arrived and are terrific. Brass has cleaned up to a brilliant shine – an old wooden table looks wonderful – and a bonus has been my hands didn’t get dirty like they do using Brasso.  Thanks for sending them off so quickly.”

Morag James, East Lothian, Scotland

“I have tried your Miracle Cloth and it is certainly better and easier than the cream.”

B. Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, Denmark

”Great for my copper based pans, for some reason I thought it would be a very easy job with this cloth but I still needed to polish hard. Does work well though and my pans come up lovely after using this cloth. ”

David Stevens, Nottingham, England

“Used Miracle Cloth to polish silverplate actually black with a good many years of tarnish.”

C. Christen

“No matter what we use it on, the results were the same. Everything comes up clean and shining with less effort than many products we have tried.”

Jack Short

”When I moved into my flat last year I had several friends/family over for drinks & chat. Being very house proud (or ‘flat proud’!) I wanted to have the place looking it’s best. One thing I couldn’t fix was the dirty old door numbers… then I spotted the Miracle Cloth and thought I’d give it a go. Works wonders! With a little elbow grease, the brass door numbers (which were almost black) came up almost as good as new! Very impressed! ”

Miss Dunnett, United Kingdom

“It is indeed a fabulous product.”

Mrs. R. O’Neal

“I bought a Miracle Polishing Cloth and was amazed. It does everything it says and more.”

Brian Woodman

“I placed my order online and received it next day. Very Good Service and very pleased with the Miracle Cloth, something I had used 14 years ago and didn’t think I would find again.”

R. O’Connor

“Used it on a brass lamp. WOW! it really shined.”

Jim Sidwell

“Best thing I have ever seen for cleaning, especially on musical instruments.”

Betty Leonard

“Cleaned an old piece of silver so black you’d never believe it’s the same piece.”

Mrs. M. Palmer

“Being a motorcycle fan, Miracle Cloth takes lots of work out of cleaning my bike.”

Bob Wyatt

“I was a bit sceptical before I tried this, but I have to say I am incredibly impressed with the Miracle Cloth’s cleaning power. I tried it out on the inside section of our brass letterbox – which we’d assumed the owners of our rented house had varnished, as it had a permanent dull, thick covering – and just five minutes work had it shining and clean. Highly recommended and so much easier and less messy than a tube of Brasso!”

Ms S Fenlon, Warwickshire, UK

“Wonderful job. Used it on chrome, copper and aluminium pots. Took all the burn and scorch off.”

Vera Quinlan